Don Williamson Don Williamson, President Co-Founder May, 1980
As co-founder and President, Don provides leadership and continuity. His extensive theatrical experience is a valuable asset. Don is also an expert architect and mechanical draftsman. When he's not at the drawing board, he's supervising production.
Dave Simpson Dave Simpson, Regional Manager Hired June, 1986
Dave is responsible for marketing our attractions and providing technical support for our current locations. With a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and 18 years experience at Thola, he's well qualified to take care of any unexpected situations that may arise.
Ed Lipowski Ed Lipowski, Product Development Manager Hired July, 1988
We originally asked Ed to join the team during the Hovercraft project. Ed translates our designs into reality by overseeing pattern design and production of the many parts and pieces needed for each attraction.
Marina Coffee Marina Coffee, Business Manager Hired September, 1989
Marina came on board as Business Manager, handling administrative records and office management tasks. Her wide range of experience from administrative assistant to writer, editor, educator and artist's assistant comes in handy in Thola's varied environment.
Son Nguyen Son Nguyen, Operations Manager Hired April, 1998
Son is our on site Manager at all our owner/operator attractions. He is responsible for staffing, implementing routine procedures, troubleshooting technical problems, and overall general management.
Doug Williamson IN MEMORIAM