Knott's 500 Racecars
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Stock Car Picture
WoodSTOCK Cars
at Camp Snoopy
Finish Line
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Just Like the Real Thing

Don't be fooled by our attention to detail! The pictures of the stock cars to the left are not the real thing, but instead pictures of our new line of 1/10 scale remote control racecars!

Each of the 20 racecars at our new stock car style raceway attraction will feature the colors and logos from many different teams to capture the look and excitement of real stock car racing.

To attract customers, the driver controls are similar to the dashboard of a real sports car. To encourage repeat plays and increase the excitement at the new attraction, we have designed a very interesting road coarse with challenging turns and race lines.

And, like our new tugboat attraction at Knott's Berry Farm, our racecar attractions both feature our exclusive Generation II control system to ensure minimum downtime. Each car is carefully built to last by our "in-house" team of technicians and engineers.

The first of two new racecar attractions opened at Knott's Berry Farm in June of 1999 inside Camp Snoopy and features a simplified track for younger drivers. The Knott's 500 road course opened in June 2000 in the Boardwalk area. The track is longer and more complex to challenge more experienced drivers.