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Safari Adventure
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Boarding Fire
Fire Department
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The management teams from Disney and Thola Productions were joined by Mickey and Minnie Mouse to help celebrate the grand opening of Safari Adventure in December of 1999.

This custom-built attraction features several interactive events created by Thola Productions' in-house team of designers. Events are triggered by players successfully navigating their tour boat through specific areas:

Around the Waterfall
The gorilla on the rope bridge doesn't seem to like tour boats traveling behind the waterfall. When that happens, he vigorously shakes the bridge going to one of the islands. The person on the bridge can be heard saying "hey, stop that" right before the shaking makes him flip over the bridge.

Through the Forbidden Tunnel
The natives warn visitors about taking a short cut through the forbidden tunnel. When the brave captains of the tour boats ignore their warnings, the angry gods cause lightning and smoke to pour from the tunnel. The sound of thunder and guests screaming can be heard from within until the boat safely emerges from the smoke.

Through the Loading Dock
When tour boats pass through the loading dock, one of the nearby boats catches fire. Luckily, the Jungle Volunteer Fire Department is on a nearby barge. As part of the fire fighting team, the elephant sprays water on the flames to extinguish the fire.

Since opening day, guests from all over the world have enjoyed their Safari Adventure.