Thola's Generation II Tugboats
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Thola's Generation II Tourboats
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Thola's Generation II Tugboats

We opened out first boat installation in 1985, using a purchased system that worked well for us. But even the best system can be improved, and after 15 years we had learned a lot. So we started thinking.

Starting from the bottom of the hull up, we completely redesigned the boats and their controls, applying all that we had learned about operations, maintenance, materials, weather, realism, functionality, batteries – you get the picture.

The result is our Generation II tugboat: an attractive, stable, easy to maintain boat that we are proud of.

Thola's Generation II Tourboats

The tour boat is an example of a custom adaptation based on a theme. Using our Gen II tugboat as a base, we reconfigured the superstructure to look like a jungle river tour boat, complete with bench seating for “passengers” and a canopy for protection from the weather.

Set into the environment of a jungle river outpost, and with several custom interactive enhancements installed, the overall effect is remarkably realistic.