Wilderness Bay
(Knott's Berry Farm)
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After the success of Tugboat Bay in the spring of 1997, Knott's asked us to also replace their existing remote control boats inside Camp Snoopy.

We were told that the Camp Snoopy theme was very important and if there was anything we could do to enhance that theme at the new boat attraction, it would be appreciated by the members of the Knott's design team.

Therefore, the island for the Camp Snoopy boat attraction was designed with a "wilderness" theme in mind. Besides the mountains and trees, a waterfall was created that falls into a miniature lake. The overflow creates a stream that flows in and around the trees and finally into the real lagoon.

When players successfully dock their boat at the island, the steam and water geyser is triggered. Taking some artistic license, Doug Williamson also created a Snoopy monument to further tie the attraction into the Camp Snoopy theme.