Tugboat Bay
(Knott's Berry Farm)
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In 1997, Knott's Berry Farm opened their latest roller coaster called Wind Jammer. 6 months earlier Knott's asked us to create a unique remote control boat attraction that could be used as the centerpiece for their new coaster.

The end result was our first Computelligent tugboat attraction called Tugboat Bay.

The highlight of the attraction is a working, miniature roller coaster that is triggered by players successfully docking their boats at one of the islands. The other island features a boat that catches fire and is dowsed with water by a nearby fireboat.

By combining the design talents of Doug Williamson, Don Williamson and Ed Lipowski with the programming expertise of Bob Phillpot and his crew at CPU, Inc., the complex attraction was completed in time to be installed by opening day.

Our installation crew, headed up by Dave Simpson, configured the system on-site and pulled the necessary wires from the Computelligent control center to the islands and driver controllers.