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We opened our original remote control tugboat attraction at the Disneyland Hotel back in 1984. Over the years, weak links were identified and maintenance procedures were created to minimize downtime. However, because of the limited technology, there was only so much we could do to keep track of daily maintenance and analyze trends.

In 1997 all that changed when we installed our first Computelligent remote control boat attraction at Knott's Berry Farm. Each attraction has a computer control center with proprietary software.

The new technology allows us to closely monitor the day-to-day activity by using these special features integrated into the software:

  • Paging System - Automatically notifies the technician when a vehicle is placed out-of-service. In the unlikely event 3 vehicles are ever out-of-service at the same time, the system pages our corporate office for immediate attention.
  • Electronic Reminders - Guarantees implementation of proven procedures.
  • Maintenance Log - Tracks what broke, when it broke, how long it took to fix, who fixed it and what parts were used.
  • Activity Tracker - Tracks daily operation and maintenance activity and reports information via modem.
  • Electronic Manuals - Allows regular updates via modem.

Besides the obvious advantage from an operational standpoint, the new technology also allows us to create much more complex and entertaining attractions. One of several interactive events created for Knott's Berry Farm is a working miniature roller coaster (something that would have been impossible without the computer control center).

The new Computelligent technology is very versatile and will allow us to create sophisticated remote control attractions unlike anything else in the amusement industry.